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11.15.2 Limitations on Credit

Approved by Academic Council on April 26, 2001

The maximum number of units accepted from a community college or similar institution is limited to 70 units. However, no college credit from such institutions will be accepted after a student has completed 70 units from all institutions attended.
Customarily a total of no more than eight units of activity classes such as dance,, physical education, theater activity courses, club sports and intercollegiate athletic courses may be applied toward a degree unless specified by the degree program.

A total of no more than 20 units may be applied toward a degree from any or all of the following: courses taken in accredited correspondence schools, extension correspondence schools, extension courses, and/or courses taken by examination. None of these credits, except extension courses taken at the University, will be accepted during the session in which the student is completing requirements for graduation in this University.

A total of no more than 30 units of coursework in business administration may be applied toward a degree, except in the case of students majoring in business administration who may apply up to 64 units of business courses toward the degree.