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11.15 Student Programs of Study

Approved by Academic Council on April 26, 2001

Every student, in order to receive credit for coursework taken during a particular term, must be properly registered during that term. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with this regulation. The registration procedures are indicated in the Schedule of Classes which is available from the Office of the University Registrar prior to the beginning of each term.

11.15.1 Full-Time Course Load
11.15.2 Limitations on Credit
11.15.3 Bachelor's Degrees
11.15.4 Second Degrees
11.5.5 Policy on Academic Minors
11.15.6 Posthumous Degrees
11.15.7 Acquisition of Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate
11.15.8 Withdrawals from a Course
11.15.9 Changes in the Study Program
11.15.10 Course Audit
11.15.11 Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses
11.15.12 Credit by Examination
11.15.13 Change of Degree Objective
11.15.14 Change of Major
11.15.15 Withdrawal from the University