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11.7 Course Syllabus

Approved by Academic Council; Revised October 11, 2012, Revised October 13, 2016

At the beginning of each semester, each faculty member will provide a course syllabus in writing to students. The course syllabus constitutes an agreement between the instructor and the student.

The course syllabus must include the following:

1.  Course subject code, course number and course name, number of units, course location(s)
2.  Course description with reference to the catalog copy
3.  Course learning objectives and goals
4.  All major assignments and examinations
5.  Any other additional student responsibilities, if applicable
6.  List of anticipated course topics or course schedule
7.  A clear statement of attendance policies
8.  A clear statement of the grading policy and determination of final grade
9.  A statement that copies of student work may be retained to assess how the learning objectives of the course are being met
10.  Description of violations of the honor code and a statement of procedures for handling such violations ( See 11.24)
11.  Course instructors and their means of contact
12.  Statement on Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodations
13.  List of the program, and where applicable, the undergraduate core competencies, and general education (GE), leaning objectives/outcomes that are met by this course in a meaningful manner