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11.13 Academic Advising

Approved by Academic Council on April 26, 2001, Administration on April 24, 2002

Academic advising is an essential component of teaching and is a faculty responsibility. Advising new students serves to introduce them to the intellectual nature of the University and assists them in making a successful transition to collegiate life and in selecting programs and courses which integrate individual needs with academic objectives. Advising majors and students in professional schools and programs serves to introduce them to the nature of the disciplines and professional life and assists them in the design of their academic programs and the selection of and transition to professional careers. Accomplishing these goals is the joint responsibility of the students, faculty, staff and administrators of the University.

The Director of the Student Advising Center is responsible for administration of the University program of faculty and student advisers for new students. Departments and professional schools and programs are responsible for administration of the program of faculty advising for students who have selected a major.

11.13.1 Responsibilities of Administration
11.13.2 Student Responsibilities
11.13.3 Faculty Adviser Responsibilities
11.13.4 Advising Process