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8.14.3 Emeriti Activities of Benefit to the University

  1. Working with the Director of Human Resources and the Provost to provide pre and post-retirement guidance and seminars.
  2. Continuing to give recognition to the University in their various publications, public addresses and professional meetings.
  3. Serving as a reserve pool of teachers for temporary appointment in the University.
  4. Eligibility to serve as a representative of the Emeriti Society on University committees, especially those on which the lengthy experience and perspective of the Society member might be of benefit.
  5. Serving as mentors to students and younger faculty, or providing requested service in response to departmental needs.
  6. Eligibility to present special seminars or lectures to alumni, parents, potential students as part of University programs.
  7. Sponsoring of special University or Society Programs.
  8. Remaining on the list of public lecturers maintained by the University Relations and Marketing Office.