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8.14.2 University Services of Benefit to Emeriti

Revised and approved by Academic Council May 3, 2013 and Administration May 4, 2013

  1. Listing of Emeriti in the General Catalog, at the Office of the Provost and at Human Resources.
  2. Listing in the University Telephone Directory.
  3. Access to library and basic computer services.
  4. Free parking on the Stockton campus.
  5. Use of sports facilities and use of fitness facilities at a reduced rate.
  6. Free admission for each Emeritus faculty member and one guest to athletic and cultural events which are produced solely by the University, with the exception of selected special events produced by the Conservatory of Music, when ticket price exceeds three times the normal ticket price.  The Conservatory should inform the Emeriti Society of these events at the beginning of each academic year.  In addition, discounts which are available to full-time faculty such as bookstore purchases, dental services at the Dental School and on the Stockton Campus, and miscellaneous discounts available at the Office of Human Resources.
  7. Professionally relevant mail forwarded to Emeriti professors by appropriate offices.
  8. Mailing of University publications by the Office of University Relations and Marketing to Emeriti who request them.
  9. Eligibility as paid replacements for professors on leave or temporarily incapacitated by illness or accident, or to fill temporary teaching vacancies. Emeriti professors may also offer, by arrangement with the appropriate dean, courses in the Lifelong Learning Program.
  10. Access to office supplies and mailing privileges that are within reason and in keeping with the budgetary constraints of the department or school, and for the purpose of on-going professional and academic work.
  11. Remission of tuition and fees for courses taken for academic credit on Stockton campus and reduction of fees for extension courses, as stated in the latest Tuition Remission and Exchange Policies.
  12. Ability to continue medical and dental benefits on a self-pay basis, provided the Society member is 55 years of age or older with at least 10 years of University service. Individuals should confer with the Director of Human Resources.
    Should a member of the Society participating in the University health benefits program die, a spouse may self-pay for health benefits for an unlimited period if the survivor meets eligibility requirements other than COBRA. Children would be considered based on eligibility requirements.
  13. Continued eligibility for the tuition remission program for eligible children, provided the Society member is 55 years of age or older, with at least 20 years of University service.
  14. Inclusion in the University Bulletin and other University publications of notable activities and achievements by Emeriti.
  15. Issuance of a University Photo Identification Card.
  16. Recognition of new Emeriti at commencement exercises.
  17. Notification to all University personnel as to the status of Emeriti by publication in the appropriate University manuals and bulletins.
  18. Budgetary support for expenses of the Emeriti Society.