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Minor in International Engineering

Our "global village" is becoiming increasingly integrated and international communications are now almost instantaneous.  Thus, the professional who can operate in a multinational setting is a step ahead.  With this is mind, The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers an International Engineering Minor.

Program Requirements

1. Bachelor Degree - The student must meet all of the normal bachelor degree requirements for one of the Engineering disciplines as outlined in the General Catalog.

2. GPA - The student must maintain a minimum Institutional GPA of 2.5.

3. Co-op - The student must complete a minimum of one semester of Co-op (or gain equivalent experience) outside of his/her home country.

4. Foreign Language - The student must meet a minimum proficiency of two semesters of a foreign language. This can be satisfied with college foreign language classes, through placement examinations, or by virtue of speaking English as a second language.

5. Internationally-Oriented Courses - The student must complete 15 units of approved internationally-oriented courses.  At least one “Emphasis” class must be taken outside the “Introductory” section. Coursework taken to satisfy the foreign language minimum proficiency may not be double-counted against these 15 units. At least ten units must be completed at Pacific. (Co-op units may be included.)

Students design their own program in consultation with one of the faculty advisors of the minor program, drawing on courses such as those listed in on the International Engineering Minor brochure. Students are encouraged to follow a theme in their design such as business, cross-cultural studies, economics, or political science.

International students may substitute courses which discuss the American culture and politics, but they may not take courses centered exclusively on their home countries.

6. Letter Grade - All courses counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

The extra time that a student will need to spend at Pacific to fulfill the minor requirements will vary. A student with good foreign language skills, who follows a carefully planned program, may not need any extra time since the majority of the minor requirements can satisfy other graduation requirements such as general education coursework.

Details and More Information

For details on The International Minor review that brochure and application and contact Gary Martin (209)-946-3064 or visit him on campus in CTC 104 with any questions.