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Insurance After Graduation



If you are enrolled in the Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and are graduating, you have 45 days from the termination of the plan to enroll in the continuation plan with Anthem for either 3 or 6 months. If you enroll in only 3 months and decide later you would like 6 you will not be able to do so, so make your enrollment decision carefully. You will enroll directly with Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk by emailing their Customer Service Department.

2021-22 Continuation Plan Premiums

3 month continuation 6  month continuation
Undergraduate Students         $ 660.67         $ 1,321.34
Dental/Graduate/Law/Professional Students         $ 844.67         $ 1,689.34

Continuation plan form is online only. To submit, go to Under 'Resources' click 'Continuation Form'.  Fill out the form and submit for Gallagher's review.  After review, you will be given a link to submit payment.'s 3 health insurance options for new college graduates: 

  • If you're under 26. If a parent's health insurance plan covers dependents, you can be added to their plan and stay on it until you turn 26. Learn more about getting on your parent's plan.
  • Purchase a Marketplace plan. If you have a life event - like moving to or from the place you attended school, or losing other health insurance (like dropping off a student plan or your parents' coverage) - that qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period.
  • Get Medicaid, if you qualify. If you're working part time or aren't making much money, you may qualify for Medicaid. If you qualify, coverage can start right away, any time of year.

Get more information on health insurance options for young adults.