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Stockton CAPS
209.946.2315 x2

Cowell Wellness Center
1041 Brookside Road
Stockton, CA 95211
Crisis therapist: 209.946.2315 x3

What is RIO?

RIO is a three week workshop offered by CAPS that focuses on Recognition, Insight and Openness. It is specifically designed for college students to develop a foundational awareness to handle their emotional concerns.  Many students who attend RIO report that they have gotten all of their therapy needs met through these workshops. Each workshop focuses on teaching stress management skills and tools that can help build insight into their own concerns and values.

A special thank you to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, who graciously created this program and shared it with us. 

RIO Learning Objectives

  • To help you gain a deeper understanding of your issue;
  • To help you become aware of your moment-to-moment experiences;
  • To help you take the first steps toward becoming more open and accepting of your experiences; and
  • To help you create a road map of change based on your personal values and goals.

When is RIO Offered?

Due to the closure of the Stockton campus, in-person RIO Workshops are not offered at this time.

Virtual RIO Workshops!

You can virtually participate in RIOs 1, 2, and 3 by accessing our videos from our YouTube Playlist or by clicking on the videos below. In order to best participate, please first download the Fillable Student Workbook hereThis program works best if you take a few days a week between each workshop to practice the skills you have learned.

RIO Workshop 1:

RIO Workshop 2:

RIO Workshop 3: