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Want to learn more about yourself? Interested in improving your relationships? Feeling lonely or disconnected?

Please come join a safe, fun, energizing group of your peers where you can explore how you relate to yourself and to others while receiving support and feedback. Presenting issues vary widely from depression, anxiety, and difficulties relating to/accepting self or others, issues of family conflict or abuse, and more. Students who want to resolve specific concerns as well as those seeking personal growth are welcome. This can be a space to get your peers' perspectives on various issues and recognize that you are not the only one. If you have questions about any of our groups, please call 209.946.2315 x2 and ask to speak with our group therapy coordinator.

We are in the process of forming virtual general process groups and workshops across all three campuses.

If you are interested in joining a group or learning more about our groups or workshops, please call 209.946.2315 x2.


The power of process groups lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from other individuals in a safe environment. The focus of these groups is to help you better understand yourself and others. Members of this group frequently talk about relationship concerns, family interactions, academic stressors, depression, anxiety, and how to handle the stress of being a student, friend, and partner to others.

Fall 2021:
Days and Times:  TBD
Location: Zoom Secure Videoconferencing Rooms


This group will teach crisis survival skills, help you identify and label your emotions, teach the skills to focus your mind, help you accept the current moment, learn how to identify and label emotions, and learn helpful strategies for asking what one needs, saying no, and coping with conflict in relationships.  For more information, please contact the front desk at 209.946.2315 x2 or by emailing workshop facilitator Michelle McDaniel.

Fall 2021:
Thursdays: 4:00 - 5:00pm (topics vary by week)
Location: Zoom Secure Videoconferencing Room 


This group offers a gradual and systematic introduction to the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Sustained practice cultivates the ability to be present in our moment-to-moment experience with greater awareness, acceptance, and understanding. Students who benefited from the meditations in our RIO workshops series, or who have their own meditation practice may enjoy participating in this in-depth meditation experience.

Fall 2021:
Day and Time:  TBD
Location: TBD


Social Connections runs in collaboration with the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities. Students who attend these group sessions typically have difficulties with social communication and social skills or have been diagnosed with ASD or ADHD. Topics center on understanding communication, particularly in regard to job interviews, dating, relationships, and friendships.

Informal gatherings are arranged through SSD. Support group meetings tentatively scheduled for Tuesdays. Further information will be available soon. Please contact Dr. Tyler Ricci at 209.946.2315 x2 or Danny Nuss in the SSD office if you are interested in participating.

Fall 2021:
Days and Times:  TBD
Location: Zoom Secure Videoconferencing Rooms

Updated 09/14/2021