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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

September 7 2000

IPC Minutes
September 7, 2000

Attending: Benedetti, Brock, Fox, Gilbertson (Chair), King, KruegerDevine, Myers, Oppenheimer, Peterson, Stark
Attempted to attend, but could not due to technical difficulties: Lundergan
Attended, but unavoidably late: Meer, Chambers
Visiting: Mayne
Absent: Cavanaugh

I. Approval of Minutes

The meeting of IPC was called to order at 12:15pm by Provost Gilbertson.

The minutes of the prior meeting were reviewed and approved as presented.

It was noted that the "brainstorming" items would be kept in a separate listing.

II. Report on Diversity Grant

Assistant Provost Mayne presented an overview of a grant being submitted to the Irvine Foundation focused on diversity at UOP. A handout presented the main objectives of the grant and some of the supporting data. The final grant is due some time in October. One of the key components of the grant is establishing more specific goals for diversity. Feedback was being solicited concerning the target goals being proposed in the grant.

- There was concern expressed by some IPC members that some target populations should perhaps be included on the list that are presently omitted. It was noted that the target populations listed were those that fall far below representative numbers for our region.

- The University context should be stated in the proposal. This includes the Dental and Law schools.

- There was concern to be careful not to set goals for the faculty diversity that are not realistic. The pools for the different disciplines should be taken into consideration.

- Make sure all data reported is consistent.

- Females in engineering are also considered an underrepresented minority and should be included.

- Retention and graduation data should be included.

- Some felt the Latino goal was not high enough considering the percentage of Latinos in our region. These numbers should be re-evaluated.

III. Program Review Recommendations

There were no comments on the Provost's program review recommendations presented at the last IPC meeting.

It was noted that many program reviews are behind schedule. Provost Gilbertson will draft a recommendation from IPC expressing concern that program review schedules be maintained and the backlog of programs be eliminated.

Discussion concerning scheduling and guidelines for Academic Support Units program review followed. Each unit should submit a summative report. Should consultation beyond the staff and supervisor of the unit be required? It was decided to look at the guidelines again.

IV. Brainstorming Priorities

A brainstorming session for planning priorities followed.

V. Meeting Adjourned, 2pm