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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

May 9 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
Taylor conference room
May 9, 2000

Attendance: P. Gilbertson (Chair), Chambers, Fletcher, Fox, Benedetti, Meer, Gluskin, Myers, Borlik, Cavanaugh, Krueger-Devine, Brock, Oppenheimer

  1. Minutes: Minutes of the April 11th meeting were approved as amended and May 2nd were approved as presented.
  2. Review and edit of May 2000 draft of the IPC Report. This report will be distributed to June 6th retreat invitees. Provost requested input by May 12th.
  3. MVP Retreat
    1. Questions were prepared regarding the Vision Statement to help guide the discussion at the June 6th retreat. (See retreat material for final draft.)
    2. Draft changes were discussed and modified of the University Planning Assumptions for discussion at the June 6th retreat (see retreat materials for final draft.)
  4. Recycling Proposal from ASUOP Clarification.
    1. The company currently holding the disposal contract with the University can work with the University to support a recycling program.
  5. Rank order of Second Tier Budget Recommendations
    1. Faculty Promotion and Equity Pool 50K
    2. Staff Adjustment Pool 50K
    3. Pharm/Chem PhD Staff Support 45K
    4. ASUOP Staff reallocation
    5. Recycling Staff & support 32,661
    6. Academic Facilities 50K
    7. Learning Assessment Support 50K
    8. Business Faculty
    9. Raises for part-time faculty
  • Note on May 16 a new item: Web content and graphic support staff was discussed and placed between 2 & 3 priority.

IPC Recommendation: Place items one and two above (faculty promotion and equity pool & staff adjustment pool) in tier one. Additionally mandate that the 3% salary adjustment be fully allocated to the units for distribution.

Meeting adjourned: 5:00 p.m.