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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

December 21 2000

Institutional Priorities Committee
December 21, 2000

Present: Benedetti, Brock, Chambers, Fox, Gilbertson, King, Kruger, Meer, Myers, Oppenheimer, Peterson, Stark

Absent: Cavanaugh, Kirkland, Lundergan

  1. Meeting convened by the Provost at 12:10 p.m. and minutes of meeting of December 14, 2000 were approved with correction (Peterson was absent).
  2. Provost reported that the one time request by Meer to update the alumni mailing list will be funded. That item should not be considered when working out priority list.
  3. Cavanaugh, the Provost and the President discussed Cisco one time purchase versus 3 year payments. Cavanaugh raised question - is there a need to replace the full network? Bob Paulson will prepare a brief. The target is to reach an agreement by the January 12, 2001 Board meeting. The difference is $750K vs $1.2M.
  4. Provost reported that the Biological Sciences structure is being built. All equipment will be portable. It is proposed that Biology expands into the new structure.
  5. Provost reported that an architect has been selected and we are in the design phase for the South Gym. It is proposed to be a 3 court facility.
  6. During discussion of the Physical Plant costs noted in OISR budget for residence hall connectivity, a question was raised for Cavanaugh - what is the Physical Plant total cost? Need to check total number of closets, the Quonsets are still on the list.
  7. Macro budget draft should be available from Cavanaugh, but should not be needed until mid-January. The first step is to establish a priority list (without knowledge of budget). The second step will be to tier the priorities.
  8. All IPC members should send Fox their rankings before January 4th meeting. Lydia will provide a list of one-time and on-going requests by code/number.
  9. It was noted that the staff request is within the Finance request. A separate code for Salary Compensation can be added.
  10. Discussion of OISR budget followed.
    1. Some items are locked in at this time. We have committed to the SunRay project, but the question as to whether to replace the entire network has not be resolved.
    2. Smart Classrooms - also on the Academic Budget (delete from OISR budget). This is also a fundraising item - Parents Program.
    3. Point 9 - UPS must be purchased, moved to FY01. Also, 19K of Change Management moved to FY01.
  11. Provost noted Tier 2 items not funded
    1. Business Faculty position
    2. Pharm Chem Grad Program Marketing Staff position
    3. Brubeck Institute for 2 years beginning last year (no discussion on this)
    4. Part-time faculty salary increase, not submitted this year
  12. Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.