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How do I decide in which direction to move my career at Pacific?

Several self-assessment tools exist to help you measure strengths and weaknesses in job-related competencies. These tools can provide you with personal insights into areas upon which you can formulate development plans to strengthen areas which may need additional attention, such as leadership competencies, managing conflict, influencing change and more. Self-assessments are valuable for increasing general awareness of the range of competencies around which you may create an individual development plan.  Use these tools to help you complete your Individual Development Plan to assist you as you outline the steps that will move you in the right direction:

  • Additional benefits can be gained from generating feedback from managers, peers, co-workers and others we encounter frequently in the course of our work.  This process is called 360 degreefeedback and is a feature of many self-assessment tools. 
  • The costs associated with other assessment tools can vary widely.  SAC scholarships may be available to assist with the costs incurred.  Scholarship information can be found on the SAC scholarship page.

We welcome your ideas and feedback:

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